We have done a very few special shows of this one-man experiment (Chitraatak) Saavdhaan Theatre Wala Pagal Hai on stage. The details of all the special trial shows are given below. The response of the audience every where was overwhelming, which can be reconfirmed by going through the media coverage & written comments of the audiences on this website itself.

Now we wish to take it further by screening it every where along with a very brief live performance of small parts on stage for comparative study of both the mediums. It is a unique experiment in which dynamics of theater & cinema are combined together to complement both the forms. In other words, it is an effort to combine the plus points of theatre & cinema to create more impact while catering to the intelligentsia, who is being ignored most of the time, in our commercial cinema.

If you also wish you hold a special screening of this unique experiment in you city & create a history, kindly do get in touch with us at or Thanks.
1. Screening in the open air in Nighasan, Uttar Pradesh, in April 2011

2. Screeing, Kala Bhawan, Randhawa Auditorium Chandigarh in May 2010

3. Stage Performance, Tagore Theatre – Chandigarh on 26 December 2005

4. Stage Performance Sri Ram Centre for Art & Culture- Delhi 24th March 1997

5. Stage Performance, Tagore Theatre – Chandigarh on 6th March1997

6. Stage Performance, Prithvi Theatre-Mumbai on 12, 13th March 1996

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