Comment of the General People
"Unblievable! That is how I would describe this play. Mangal Dhillon has reached the new horizons and has created new dimensions in Hindi Theatre. The communication between the artist and the audience was so complete that you could feel within yourself the pain, anguish and frustration of the artist. Kudos to Mangal Dhillon and his team."

--Mr. Umesh Dubey, Mumbai
"Inexplicable!! Everything to its best. You can feel every thing. Mangal Dhillon has done fabulous job that can not be explained. Plainly excellent."

-- Mr. Gaurav Razdan, Chandigarh.
"I felt like looking at my self in the mirror. A great reminder. Wonderful enactment of truth. It was a great show. Infact our society needs more reminders like this."

-- Mr. Vipin Malhotra, Hariyana.
"My hands are still smarting from clapping as hard as I have ever done in my life. That is all I could do to express what I felt. It was nice knowing you Mangal Dhillon."

--Ms. Namita Singh, Chandigarh.
"Excellent play, Very well acted & performed. Leaves you spellbound. The performance is so good that it is difficult to sum up in a few words. Excellent play and thought provoking."

--Ms. Amandeep Kaur Sohi, Chandigarh.
"Absolutely Brilliant. The shift from humor to graveness, the lighting, the music, the expression, the concept-very original, very engrossing Amazing."

--Ms. Shaleena Kaura, Mumbai.
"Most Vigorating and Shockingly simple play that portrays the whole range of emotions of an artist going through the rigors theatre. A Highly exceptional performance."

--Mr. Man Aman Singh Chinna, Punjab.
"Indeed some dialogue cuts like a knife. Thanks for bringing out the genuine awareness. The enlightenment is brought about. Very bold. Very innovative. A lot of nerve ending punches. It was very much required. "

--A. S. Kahlon, Chandigarh.
"Only a theatrewala could have ripped the mask off the falsehood of 50 years and shown us our ever ugly, horried face. Mangal, we love you for telling us, who we are."

--Mr. Rana Nayar, Chandigarh.
"An enigmatic experience that most of us can relate to. A beautiful reality transformed into an entertaining play that leaves you flabbergasted and may be yearning for more. A thoroughly entertaining fare with all the nine rasas (Nav Ras) in it."

--Mr. Rohit Khanna, New Delhi.
"Dear Mangal Ji, Just for one more reason I feel fortunate to have born in this country of ours, that I got a chance to see and appreciate an incredible, unmatchable performance by my country man. It was once in a life time chance."

--Dr. Sandeep Jassal, Chandigarh.
"Aaj pahli baar na kewal swayam ko, balki agal bagal, sangi saathi, sabhi ko sarvjanik taur par nirvastr hote dekha. Mangal Dhillon ka punaah rang manch par lautna rang manch ke liye pran vaayu siddh hoga."

--Mr. Swadesh Talwar, Chandigarh.
"This play surely made me think of the double standards by which I am leading my life and I am afraid of facing it because life is more convenient this way. I wish more of such plays are staged, so that it might help many of us, to realize and gather enough courage to live with out any pretence & take pride in our country & culture."

--Ruma Mahajan, Chd.
"Aaj shaam laga ke mein aiyne ke saamnein nangi khadi hoon. Ek arse baad ahsaas hua ke sab khatam nahin hua hai, sab mara nahin, abhi kahin kuchh zinda hai. Aaj jee khol kar hasna chahti hoon. Main bahot khush hoon ke mari huee basti mein ek zinda awaaz suni."

--Ms. Alka Moitra, Delhi.
"One of the most remarkable and gripping play I have ever seen. It is indeed a unique experience."

--Mr. H.S. Bhatty, Mumbai.
"An encounter with the necked face made me laugh at myself. Came face to face with a truth, which may work like a torch in the fog but it would be hard to dispel it. A blazing talent a revolutionary work."

--Ms. Komal Garewal, Chandigarh.
"For more better than any Hindi Commercial movie I ever had seen."

--Mr. Vipin Rai, Chandigarh.
"A wonderful piece of art, really touches deep inside, gives a chance for introspection. Must for every body to see."

--Mr. Arvind Sapra, Chandigarh.
"Excellent, Unbelievable performance. May God bless such artists, who have the guts to say the truth."

--Mr. A.P.S. Gill, Chandigarh.
"A great performance. I have no words to appreciate your acting and the way of telling the truth."

--Ms. Lalita Puri, Chandigarh.
"I will consider a lifetime entertainment, which shows the necked image of nation. Mangal incomparable. Keep it up! Up to revolution. Waiting for it."

--Dr. Satish Kashyap, Haryana.
"The truth told by you has shaken our bodies and souls."

--Judge J.S. Khushdil, Chandigarh.
"Absolutely enthralling. Kept us captive for two hours. Absolutely the necked truth. A very well written, enacted & directed one-man show."

--Mr. Rami Panag, New Delhi.
"An excellent satire on hypocrisy. A unique effort. A play worth watching or we can say a must."

--Mr. Kishore Kumar Sharma, Chandigarh.
"I wish you reach every Indian twice."

--Mr.Harman Paul Singh Kang, Haryana.
"Theatre a word unknown to me a 19 year old girl but the elements in general discussed here are all that I have fought for with my school system on a small scale and with subtlety. This is my first show and it has made me a permanent fan of theatre, if this is what it stands for. "

--Mr. Narinder Dhillon, Chandigarh.
"Samaaj ka intna sunder chitran maine theatre ke itihaas mein pahle kabhi nahin dekha."

--Mr. Atul Sinha, Delhi.
"An unforgettable play. To good to be put into words."

--Mr. Anshul Rishi, Chandigarh.
"It is a wonderful play depicting the real life of common man and the country as a whole. Never seen before such a living drama."

--Mr. S. P. Joshi, Chandigarh.
"Rebellious, yet a genuine out burst. Hats off to you."

--Dr. H. K. Lall, Chandigarh.
"Aaj ki parisithiti par bhartiya samaaj ke chitran ka is se sachcha pahlu na likha gaya, na dekha gaya."

--Dr. Piyus Awasthi, Chandigarh.

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