Comment of the Press
  "He simply took the audience's breath away -- Gosh! A volcano had come to life, a performance which no one should miss."

--The Tribune (Chandigarh)
  "Never in the recent past had the city's elite audience witnessed the dynamic, didactic, gigantic & dashing solo performance like this one."

--The Tribune (Chandigarh)
  "In an almost cathartic outpouring lasting all of two hours, the actor rose to the histrionics of the occasion."

--The Metropolis (Mumbai)
  "Mangal managed the impossible. For the audience sat glued to him, relishing each statement he made on the so-called intelligentsia -- and it turned out to be an eye opener for all."

--The Indian Express (Chandigarh)
  "The two - hour soul - searching monologue held together by the performer's incredible range -- there were enough of those too who wept and wah wahed at identification points."

--Bombay Times (Mumbai)

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