About Saavdhaan
This one-man show "Saavdhaan Threatrewala Pagal Hai" is dedicated to all the artistes and creative people in any art field. It is a warm tribute to all the genuine, sincere, honest, just and hardworking individuals and professionals in every sphere of life. In other words, it is a tragicomic outburst of a hyper-sensitive and creative person, who devoted his entire life to the art of theatre, and during his creative journey, whatever he experienced or received from various corners of society, all that is being reflected back in its true and naked form, through this play. A tru artiste is supposed to be a mirror of his society. And as Janab Sahir Ludhianvi has very aptly said:
"Duniyan Ne Tajurbat-o-hawadas Ki Shakal Mein
Jo Kuch Mujhe Diya Hai Woh Lauta Raha Hoon Mein"
The aim of this play is not to offend, defend, or justify anybody from any particular field, but to share the concerns and agonies of any creative, honest and sincere individual towards his profession and surroundings. In a way, this play is an attempt to expose our own hyprocrisies, complexities, incapabilities, our diseased system and such heinous truths about our social, political, cultural and personal strata, which are mostly avoided as long as possible. All those who believe in avoiding to face the truth, for reasons better known to them, may feel a little uncomfortable during this naked theatrical experience, but for how long can we avoid facing the truth?
Better face it now!

Yours truly,

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